2023 Categories of Involvement

Newspaper: Perfect for anyone who wants to be involved in Homecoming without major commitments. 

This category is open to all people in the campus community from students to professors to staff. It allows individuals to invest as much time or as little time as they choose! Attending things like the kickoff event, Lipsync, dodgeball tournament and parade are perfect for the Newspaper category and have been designed to be more inviting. Individuals are encouraged to participate in philanthropic fundraising by attending benefit nights at various establishments throughout the Kirksville community in the weeks leading up to Homecoming. 


Radio: Perfect for anyone who wants to get involved as a group and seek more activities during Homecoming. 

This category is perfect for small groups of friends who may or may not belong to an organization on campus. or anyone who is looking for more campus involvement. The Radio category includes all activities and events listed in the Newspaper category, along with some small team competitions. Show some Truman spirit during our Homecoming Week by competing in the cornhole tournament and scavenger hunt with teams of 2-5 people! Individuals in this category may also compete in the chalk competition. There will be awards and prizes for the cornhole tournament, chalk competition, and scavenger hunt.


TV: Perfect for smaller organizations and organizations new to Homecoming who are looking for more commitment. 

Organizations in the TV category are invited to participate in all activities that are encompassed by the Newspaper and Radio categories, as well as competing in the individual philanthropy fundraising competition and the penny bucket challenge. Creating a float for the Homecoming parade to be judged is optional, but highly encouraged. There will be awards for the Homecoming parade floats, individual philanthropy fundraising, chalk competition, and penny buckets.

Social Media: Perfect for larger organizations looking to participate on teams.

This category is perfect for any organization that wants to compete on a team with other organizations. Social Media includes the compilation of all activities and competitions in the following categories along with creating a float for the Homecoming parade to be judged, performing at the Lip Sync competition, window painting, and competing in the individual and team philanthropy brackets to create an action-packed and fun-filled week. Organizations in this category will be competing for the Homecoming Cup, as well as other awards.