Bulldog Scavenger Hunt



Full list

  1. Picture with bulldog statue on the mall 
  2. Dance in the fountain 
  3. Spell out “Truman” with your bodies
  4. Picture with a white Truman van
  5. Picture with an item from Starbucks or Einsteins 
  6. Picture of your group adding gum to the gum tree
  7. Picture with (any)  Harry S Truman 
  8. Picture with your favorite president in the President’s room (3rd floor library)
  9. Doing “go dawgs” hand sign
  10. Reading a copy of the index 
  11. Taking a picture in the Barnett atrium 
  12. At Stokes Stadium
  13. Hammocking on the Quad
  14. Photo with a Franklin Street sign
  15. Take a picture at the planetarium 
  16. Showing off your best Truman apparel 
  17. Take a picture with a (real) dog on campus 
  18. Read under a tree on the quad 
  19. On the steps of Kirk Memorial 
  20. Working out at the Rec 
  21. On the bridge between Baldwin and McClain 
  22. On the solar-powered bench outside Magruder 
  23. Outside of the “doghouse”
  24. Photo on the front steps of Grim Hall
  25. Picture with Spike (your interpretation)
  26. Study in a study bubble 
  27. Boomerang on Normal St.
  28. Video of you rolling down the Barnett hill 
  29. With artwork in OP
  30. Photo with the Patterson Street sign
  31. On the stairs in the SUB Hub
  32. Photo at the Sue Ross Arts Center
  33. Find a member of 2021 Homecoming Committee 
  34. On a bench in the sunken garden
  35. The Truman sign on Patterson and Franklin 
  36. Find a member on 2021 Homecoming Royalty court
  37. Your team with the clock tower in the background 
  38. Picture with the bell wall outside of MO hall
  39. Another scavenger hunt team 
  40. Picture with the Joseph Baldwin statue
  41. Photo with a Baltimore Street sign
  42. Picture at Red Barn 
  43. Picture at the Ruth W. Towne Museum 
  44. Playing the piano at Chall 
  45. Photo with the street sign your team is named after 
  46. With your favorite professor 
  47. Picture with flowers/greenery on campus 
  48. Picture with a “Florence” street sign
  49. Photo outside Pagalia’s 
  50. Video of your team singing the chorus of “Who Let the Dogs Out” by the Baha Men


The Bulldog Scavenger Hunt will take place all around campus and nearby from 8:00AM-8:00PM and be documented through a Google Drive folder shared with erc6647@truman.edu when all tasks are completed. The list of tasks will be uploaded to the Homecoming Instagram “@trumanstatehomecoming” and website by 8:00AM CST.



  • A phone with a camera



    • Each Team will consist of 3-8 members.
  • The Google Drive folder should be titled “[team name]: Scavenger Hunt” 
  • Include a document with all team member names and emails in the Google Drive folder (include Instagram handle of the account sharing photos if you choose to do so)
  • All items must be submitted by 8:00PM CST in order to count
  • All pictures/ videos/ boomerangs must be labeled in the folder with the corresponding item number
  • Compete with a lot of ENERGY!!
  • Bonus Points for creativity and enthusiasm may be awarded.
  • Points will be deducted if a task is not completed or an entry is inappropriate. 
  • All campus rules and policies must be followed when participating.
    • As a reminder, masks/face coverings are required inside of all campus buildings. 


Bonus points:

  • For bonus points, upload up to 5 entries from the scavenger hunt to a team member’s instagram story and tag the the Truman Homecoming account (@trumanstatehomecoming) with the hashtag: #AllRoadsLeadHome
    • One post = one bonus point, up to five points
    • Please make sure that the individual’s instagram account is set to public
    • Make sure the team member’s instagram handle is included on the team list in the Google drive


Additional information:

  • 50 destinations for the Bulldog Scavenger Hunt will be released at 8:00AM CST.
  • The first team to finish will be rewarded points based on how fast they complete the Bulldog Scavenger Hunt.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be rewarded as well as the most creative team.