The Birthday Party Project

JED Foundation in Partnership with University Counseling Services


The Mission of the Birthday Party Project is to Bring JOY to Homeless Children Through the Magic of Birthdays. With the help of our birthday enthusiasts, we host monthly birthday parties at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country.  We celebrate all children that have a birthday that month, and we invite everyone staying at the agency to participate in the party!  We know that JOY changes lives, and a JOYful community can change the world. The Birthday Party Project hosts birthday parties in over 30 different locations all across the country.  To date, they have celebrated over 3,500 birthdays with over 26,000 children in attendance.


The JED foundation was created in 2000 after Phil and Donna Satow lost their son to suicide. The JED foundation works with colleges to develop prevention and intervention strategies to help support mental health. University Counseling Services will have a partnership with JED Campus that will span the next four years.  During this time, programs at UCS will be assessed in great detail with the help of consultants from the JED Foundation, from this, they will be able to make recommendations on how to improve programming at little cost in order to better our community and take mental health more seriously all while bettering the lives and needs of our student body.


Through the duration of Truman State’s 2017 Homecoming, we were able to raise a record-breaking $21,346.60 to donate towards these causes.