Tik Tok Competition


  • Any individual, small group, or organization may create a TikTok to be eligible for awards.
  • TikToks must be submitted to the Google Drive 
  • Each group can only send in one TikTok for judging, this is not limited to organizations as a whole



  • TikToks must incorporate the theme: “Close or Apart We’re Bulldogs at Heart”
  • School spirit gear is encouraged 
  • Videos cannot exceed the 60 second limit
  • All scripts should utilize family-friendly language, sounds, and appropriate content
  • No references to drugs, alcohol, illegal paraphernalia or violations of the Statement of Non-Discrimination
  • If filming indoors: in order to meet and abide by University COVID-19 policies, participants must be wearing masks and appropriately social distancing. If alone, participants do not need to wear a mask.
    • Please keep in mind that judges and viewers are not aware of who may/may not be living together, so it’s suggested that ALL participants follow this policy.
  • If filming outdoors: in order to meet and abide by University COVID-19 policies, participants are not required to wear masks, but are required to abide by a minimum of 6ft. social distancing.
  • The committee requires that at any point (inside or out), no more than three people can be in a frame together.
  • In no way may the University be represented in a bad light,  all University policies and standards must be abided by
  • Videos must be emailed to homecoming@truman.edu with “TikTok Submission” in the subject line; you must indicate if you are competing as an individual, team or organization in your email;  videos must also be shared with vkt2651@truman.edu on Google drive



  • TikToks can be submitted until 12 PM on Wednesday, October 22st 
  • Voting will open at 5 PM on Wednesday, October 21st and close at 5 PM on Friday, October 23rd
  • The winning TikToks will be announced on Homecoming social media pages on Friday, October 23rd



  • Each TikTok will be evaluated by the Homecoming Committee and the top TikToks will be posted on Truman State Homecoming social media accounts
  • These TikToks will then be eligible for a public vote via a Google form
  • The voting system will be in a superlative form.


  • Funniest TikTok
  • Best script/audio
  • Best costumes
  • Most school spirit
  • Best choreography 
  • Best Individual
  • Best Group



  • 5 points for submission
  • 10 points for each award category


  • Prizes will be awarded for those competing as Individuals and small teams.