Team Chalk Competition


Sunday, October 17th through Wednesday, October 20th



  • Each team will design and produce a chalk design to be displayed around campus before and during the week of Homecoming.



  • All chalk designs must be made on Truman State University grounds.
  • NO inappropriate/profane language, words, symbols and/or pictures.
  • Chalk designs should be decorated appropriately for Truman school spirit.
  • Chalk designs must include:
    • “All Roads Lead Home” theme
    • One of the following theme items: car, light signal (does not have to include the entire pole), or a crown
  • The Homecoming Committee is the final authority on the appropriateness of chalk designs and reserves the right to deduct points for violations. If a team has violated the rules, that team may lose part or all of their points for the chalk competition.


  • All chalk design drafts are due on October 1st via email to for design approval.
  • Completed chalk designs must be created between Sunday, October 17th and Wednesday, October 20th. Designs are due on Wednesday, October 20, by 5pm submitted by emailing a photo to with the location on campus.



  • Photos will be posted on @TrumanStateHomecoming Instagram account and bonus points will be awarded for the team that receives the most likes.
  • Each chalk design will be evaluated on its adherence to the previously listed guidelines, creativity and the incorporation of Truman school spirit into the design.

Point Distribution via Category:

Normal Avenue – 25 points

Baltimore Street –  15 points

Franklin Street – 10 points

Patterson Street – Winners are chosen based on criteria.